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Health and Safety

The Local Authority has a statutory duty to monitor health and safety arrangements in schools. To discharge this duty, it conducts a health and safety audit of all schools. Each audited workplace achieves a grade depending on the results of the audit: there are seven audit grades:

  • Outstanding
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Reasonable
  • Only fair
  • Weak
  • Serious weaknesses


For the second audit running, Wolsey House Primary School has achieved an Outstanding with a Gold Safer Schools Award. This means that the school attained 100% during the audit!


This is to be celebrated, and is evidence that we take Health and Safety very seriously at Wolsey House.


Please read the letter from the City Council.



Please ask for: Direct Line: Vince Taylor                                                      Leicester City Council

1st December 2015



Mrs. Helen' King Headteacher                                       ,

Wolsey House Primary School

Beaumont Leys Lane


LE4 288


Dear Mrs. King


Post-Audit Feedback - Wolsey House Primary School


As you are aware, a health & safety audit was carried out at your workplace on 01 December 2015


Each audited workplace achieves a grade depending on the results of the audit. In

< >Grading


This compliance tool has a grading system that enables managers to get a feel for how well Health &Safety is being managed in  their  workplace, highlight any overall weaknesses, and assist in the creation and implementation of strategies to support managers in reducing vulnerabilities.

There are 6 audit grades...

  • Outstanding
  • Good
  • Reasonable
  • Requires Improvement
  • Requires Serious Improvement
  • Seriously Weak


The outcome of your audit has resulted in a grading of: