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School Houses

When the children enter our Foundation Stage two classes, they are allocated one of four house teams. They remain in the same house for the entire time that they are at the school. The houses are named after four of Henry VIII’s six wives. Each house has an assigned house colour and a house captain chosen from Year 6.




            Howard (Red)






             Boleyn (Yellow)







             Seymour (Green)







            Cleves (Blue)




House points are awarded for academic achievement as follows:


  • Meeting weekly age-appropriate reading targets
  • Learning specified Mathematics facts
  • Achieving personal targets in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.


The Wolsey House trophy is awarded to the house with the most points on a monthly basis.  The trophy is awarded in whole-school assembly and displayed prominently showing the colour of the month’s winner.


At the end of each academic year, the house with the highest accumulated total is announced to the school and its name is engraved onto the trophy.