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Transition from children's homes and early years settings.


We believe that effective communication between home and school, at every stage of a child's learning journey at Wolsey House is essential. We undertake many activities to ensure that a child's first experience of school is positive and that they feel happy, safe and secure.


We believe that it is vitally important that the children's parents/carers are fully informed about the daily life and routines of the school, the Nursery and Reception classes.


Induction and Transition Activities in the Foundation Stage


  • We hold two meetings during the Summer Term, one for parents/carers of children starting in the Nursery, and one for parents/carers of those starting in the Reception classes.
  • The meeting for the Reception parents/carers is for those whose children might have attended our Nursery, and those who are new to the school. These meetings take place in the evenings.
  • During the Summer Term parents/carers are also invited to spend a session with their child in the Nursery/Reception classes.
  • The teachers also visit the children's homes to meet them in surroundings which are familiar to them. Parents/carers have the opportunity to speak to staff during all of these activities, and these are valuable opportunities for gathering information, e.g. medical conditions, dietary requirements etc.
  • Reception Children - In the Autumn Term Mrs King, the headteacher invites every  child and his/her parents/carers to meet her on the morning that they start to school. This is an informal meeting and is an opportunity for all children and family members to meet Mrs King.



Transition arrangements between Year 6 and the Secondary Schools is a strength of the school.


This is a list of Transition activities, it is not exhaustive.


Early in the year children are notified of our local secondary schools’ open evenings and they are encouraged to visit.


Throughout the year groups of year 6 children have the chance to participate in a variety of sporting activities that are held at secondary schools across Leicester. 


They visit secondary schools to watch performances by the children e.g. the BTEC students’ pantomime; the storytellers – “the Two Steves.”


The majority of children transfer to Beaumont Leys Secondary School with whom we have. Their Transition Lead comes to school during the Summer term and meets the children. The Transition Lead also meets the Year 6 teachers to discuss each child.  Smaller groups of children go on additional transition afternoons as well as the transition day in June/July.


The Lancaster School also has a Transition Lead who comes to meet the children.


English Martyrs Secondary School provide activities for the children to undertake, the Year 6 teachers support them and ensure that they have the opportunity to do the tasks.


Cedars Academy send activities and have a conversation with staff about the children, it is then decided if additional visits and meetings are required.


Year 6 teachers and the SENDCo attend transition network meetings to share ideas.


Towards the end of the academic year children in Year 6 are encouraged to become increasingly independent, for example  bringing their PE kit only on PE days.

Transition is a strength of the school. We ensure that we communicate effectively at all stages of a child's life at Wolsey House.

Year 5 Transition Project with Beaumont Leys Secondary School


Children in Year 5 are given the opportunity to visit Beaumont Leys Secondary School in the evenings to participate in a range of subjects, e.g. ICT, Art, Languages. Feedback from the children about the experience is very positive. Please read their feedback.


My time at Beaumont Leys School


I went to Beaumont Leys School because of my ability in ICT. We learnt how to code and make our own game and we taught how to do this by two teachers, Mr Patel and Mr Smith. I went to do this for six weeks.


The next time I went I did Art and I learnt about many different types of sketching and painting techniques, like block printing. Sadly, this was cut short because we were supposed to have six weeks but we only had five due to the strike, but it was fun.


I'm glad that I went to these lessons because I feel like I've exceeded in these two subjects. I would not have learnt as much of I had not gone. I am happy that I went.


My time at Beaumont Leys

Firstly, I did ICT with two teachers, Mr Smith and Mr Patel. I learnt how to create my own games. I also leant how to code. I learnt a lot more about computing.


The next time I went I did Art. We focused on nature. We did printing, tracing, sketching, block printing.


I had a really good time and I'm glad that I went.


My time at Beaumont Leys

I went to Beaumont Leys Secondary School to become even better at certain lessons, which were English and Art. I like to call them master classes.


The first term I went to English. We wrote a letter to someone about a murder mystery. We had to choose an item, a place and a victim to make up our crime scene and still be able to write a detective's letter about it. To help us we played a game called wink murder.


The second term I went to Art. We focused on nature. We tried lots of techniques such as printing, tracing, stamping and sketching. We had lots of fun.


I loved all of it!


My time at Beaumont Leys


I went to Beaumont Leys School and went to Literacy. I Liked it when we wrote letters about a murder mystery to people we knew. We played wink murder and every week we had biscuits.


In Art I enjoyed that the main focus was nature. We did printing and the teacher was called Miss Ghanda. We did block printing, sketching and in the last lesson we were allowed to whatever we wanted.