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Feedback and comments about the children following school visits/trips:

Comments received following school visits/trips:


The manager of the youth hostel in Sheringham gave positive feedback regarding our Year 6 children. He said: “We always look forward to Wolsey House visiting. They are so well behaved and are a lovely bunch. We know that they will always be well behaved.”


One teacher commented that she has “received positive comments about the children anywhere I've taken them. Most recently, when a long-standing member of staff from New Parks Swimming Pool finished working there she told us how much she would miss working with our school. She also told her replacement that we are a lovely school, the children are really well behaved and enthusiastic about learning and that she would really enjoy teaching the children from our school.”


One of the staff at the “Warning Zone” commented positively about the Year 6 children’s attitude and behaviour. She also sent an email – “Thank you so much for the letters from the children and the positive impact that their visit appears to have had on them. It is always great to hear that the visit was successful and the letters from the children give the volunteers great pleasure in reading the comments. We look forward to the visit of Wolsey House again to Warning Zone.”



During a Basketball competition at a local secondary school the coach made a point of ensuring that she informed the teacher that she had noticed how one of our Year 6 pupils had worked well as a member of a team, and had encouraged a child who lacked confidence to participate – being encouraging and supportive. Despite the fact that he was not chosen as a captain he demonstrated excellent skills of captaincy. The coach had noticed him among 40 other children.


During an evacuation due to the Fire Alarm sounding the Fire Brigade came to the school. One of the firefighters spoke to a member of staff from the Foundation Stage 1 Class (Nursery) and praised the children for their excellent behaviour and response to the alarm. He was surprised that they were only 3 years old!



The tour guide at the Mandir Dipak Patel made very positive comments about Year 5 following their visit. He said: “The children were very well behaved and respectful of the environment. We encourage them to ask lots of questions, they responded well and were certainly inquisitive about Ganesha.  They enjoyed it and showed a lot of respect, being silent when they needed to be. Thank you for being great visitors.”