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Feedback from visitors to the school

Positive comments and feedback made by visitors to the school


The Educational Psychologist:

  • Fantastic welcome she always receives from the office staff in person on arrival and during telephone conversations

  • The office staff are always accommodating and make every effort to find a quiet place for her to work with children

  • Approachable, friendly and positive attitude of all staff when she gives advice regarding children in their class – staff are responsive to the advice

  • The positive relationship she has built up with the school’s Additional Learning Needs Coordinator


There has never been an occasion when a supply teacher/teaching assistant or a Teaching Agency on their behalf have complained about the children. We have received many positive comments regarding the children’s behaviour and attitude to work, with some approaching the headteacher and asking if there are any vacancies at the school. Supply teachers enjoy working here, a typical example of feedback is: “I have had a lovely day with the class and am looking forward to coming again.”


One of the Assistant Headteachers manages the links with others stakeholders and agencies and has stated that: “The staff are really supportive and encouraging towards one another.  Whenever any supply teachers or visitors come into school they have always said what a warm and welcoming school it is and they prefer coming here to anywhere else! The Universities that we are affiliated with also thank us for our support and commitment to supporting and mentoring students (we have the certificates to prove that).”