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Official School Closure

School Closure


The school is officially closing from today Wednesday 25th March to all pupils until further notice. Individual arrangements have been made with parents.


Free School Meal Vouchers


ASDA or TESCO vouchers have been provided for parents/carers of children who are entitled to Free School Meals. Our Business Manager, Mrs Southwell, has sent these via email to you. Please note that you do not need to print them – you can show them to the cashier from your mobile phone. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Southwell for the hard work she has undertaken and the tremendous support she has given me during this challenging time.


Key Workers


Parents who have evidence they are a key worker and need to find a placement for their child/ren should contact Admissions team on 0116 454 6216 or 0116 454 6217. The Admissions team will help you find a Hub school which is open.


It is a very sad, uncertain and challenging time for us all.


I will keep you updated regularly via email.


Take care of yourselves and your families.


Warm regards


H. M. King