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Reception Families Day

There was a buzz in the Reception classes on Families Day. The theme for the Spring term was "Amazing Animals." The family members thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was an excellent opportunity for the children to work with members of their family.


Please enjoy looking at the photos.


Feedback from the family members:


It was useful knowing what my daughter is learning at school so we can continue it at home - thank you.


It was a good and wonderful day. I saw how you teach the children. Thank you for helping my child.


Today I had a grate day making a mask of an owl, watching reading a book to class, singing class songs and how it works.


Lovely day - I like to see all animals. Thank you.


We enjoyed every moment of it. It was fantastic. Thank you for having us!!


Fun to see what they are doing at school - and see the class.


Lovely chance to see what has been done through the term. Thank you.


Today was good fun - watching the children singing and having fun. Thanks for this afternoon.


Lovely activities and singng from the children. Thoroughly enjoyed this time with the class, a pleasure to be invited - thank you.


Brilliant to see the children singing and being creative. Great stuff.


Love these sessions, it's nice to see what the children have been learning about.


Good to interact with the children. They all looked really happy together.