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The Owl Staff


Miss Wilson


Miss Harrison      Miss Taieb

Spring 1Term


Our topic this half term is “Fantastic beasts and amazing animals"


Our topic will focus around the big question. The big question this term is


Where do animals live?


The discussions and tasks that we will be doing his term will help us to answer the big question?

As well as being able to answer this question. We will be learning new vocabulary that it linked to the topic, these are called sticky words as they will stick in our heads.

The sticky words for this topic are,


Feathers, waterproof, fur, claws, pets and scales

We will be talking about different animals and the environment that they live in. The children will have the opportunity to be creative, drawing, painting, collaging representations of different animals


We will explore and celebrate similarities and differences about the way animals look and where they live. We will share non-fiction books and learn new information about animals.


In maths, we will be exploring number and shape, inside and outside of the classroom. We will be learning to, recognise numbers 1 to 15 and then beyond. Reliably count objects to 10 and then beyond. Add two groups of objects together and find the total. Begin to use the vocabulary relating to addition such as add, more and altogether. Introduce the children to subtraction and use the vocabulary relating to subtraction such as subtract, take away, less and smaller. As well as applying our skills to solve mathematical problems.


We will celebrate and share our experiences of different celebrations, take part in a variety of cultural activities, try different foods, listen to different kinds of music and learn new songs.


In Literacy we will be learning to, read "sight words" using a rhyme "we see the word, we say the word". We will continue to practice writing our names using the cursive script. We will be learning new phonic sounds and how we put them together to read and write simple words, using the rhymes

“Look at the letters, make the sound and blend the sounds together”

“I Say the word, I robot the word and write the word”




If you have any questions about what we are learning about please come and talk to us.