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Statements from staff about Wolsey House

Positive Comments from agency Staff 


Thank you. Have a great Christmas if I don’t speak to you beforehand. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me towards the end of this year, I absolutely love where I work you’ve definitely got me I somewhere I enjoy going to work and the staff are amazing so again thank you. (A message written by a teaching assistant which was forwarded to the school from her agency).


Another message from a supply teaching assistant. I am currently doing supply work for PK Education and I have been to many schools in Leicester.


When I first came to Wolsey House Primary School, I was amazed at how friendly everyone was. Everyone is smiley and always say "hello." This is not something that I have come across in the past year while doing supply work.


The staff chat to me in the staff room and say comments such as, "nice to see you again." I feel very welcome in this school. Wolsey House Primary is a really lovely school and I love working here.

Positive comments and feedback from members of staff


“Here are some positive things about working at Wolsey House. The way in which the staff work together as a team is important. We can turn to each other for help or advice and know that there is always support when we need it. The children are an obvious positive. To have a child turn to you and say “now I get it”, after I have explained something, is one of the best feelings I can have. When I can help a child to understand something they have been struggling with, I know I am in the right place, doing the right thing.  As long as I smile while I work I know the school has a positive effect on me.”


“I feel that Wolsey House has provided opportunities for career progression for staff across the school, in most departments and for varying job roles. I think that the subject leaders are very proactive and as a result, all subjects are well planned and delivered with consistency across the school and there is always plenty of opportunity for enrichment activities which relate to all areas of the curriculum. It goes without saying that the children are the best thing about working at Wolsey House. The many different cultures, religions and backgrounds are well accepted and celebrated, making the children even more fun and interesting to work with.”


“The (All) staff work so well together as a team and support each other. There’s always help at hand!”


“I enjoy working at Wolsey House because of the friendly atmosphere within the school and the helpful attitude of both staff and pupils.”


Wolsey House Primary School has been my life for 21 years.  In that time, I have taught in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. People often ask me why I have never moved on to another school. My reply is always the same. I love the place - I love my colleagues, the children and the parents. I am immensely proud of my ‘Wolsey family.’ Why would I want to work anywhere else? My current role is Additional Learning Needs Coordinator. This has given me the opportunity to work even more closely with the children and their parents. I am relishing my new role.


The staff are a really supportive group and encouraging towards one another. I know that when any supply teachers or visitors come into school they have always said what a warm and welcoming school it is and they prefer coming here to anywhere else! The Universities that we are affiliated with also thank us for our support and commitment to supporting and mentoring students (we have the certificates to prove that).


Although I haven't been at Wolsey House long from the moment I considered applying I felt welcomed by each person I met. Once I had been offered the job, I came in one evening before Christmas to fill in some forms and was made to feel part of the team which really made an impact on me. Any questions I had were answered with care and I felt supported. During the first week I have been overwhelmed with people checking I'm ok and offering help and support if I need it. It's like joining a big family that just wants each of us to be the best we can be.

Positive comments from people who have been on placement at the school - these include students and volunteers


The following feedback is from a student who was about to embark on the PGCE at the University of Leicester, Autumn 2019.

Dear Mrs King. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to complete my placement at Wolsey House Primary School. It has given me a great insight into the life of a teacher. It was a pleasure to work with the fantastic team of staff who were very helpful and supportive. I have made some great memories with this school - thank you!

She also provided feedback for the headteacher about the member of staff who leads our partnership with universities, colleges and other organisations: She was so welcoming, answered all my questions and clamed my pre-course 'nerves'. In a letter to the member of staff she wrote: It was a pleasure to see you teach. This placement has really helped me have an insight into a teacher's life. Your energy and kindness has really inspired me to become a better teacher.