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What parents/carers say about the school

A message from parents whose children left in 2018


We wanted to thank each and every one of you for the help you have given our children and us as a whole family during our time at Wolsey.


Wolsey is an excellent school in which you all work hard to provide a safe, nurturing environment to allow each individual child to grow.


We are devastated to be leaving Wolsey and hope the new school continues to support the children in the manner they have become accustomed to. Our children haven't always found it easy to manage the challenges they have faced, yet with the supportive, caring professionalism of the staff at Wolsey House, they have overcome many obstacles and are developing skills to help them cope with life.

What children say about the headteacher:


A greeting in a Christmas card from a Year 3 pupil:


A good headteacher is someone who can think like a student, look like a parent and behave like a boss.


Verbal feedback from a child in Reception class on December 15th 2017:


"I think that you are a great headteacher."




What parents say about the headteacher:


A father of two children at the school told the headteacher on parents' evening, October 2017 - "I like what you are doing, I like the way you run the school, I like your style."


A greeting from parents of a Year 6 pupil at Christmas Time 2017:

To Mrs King. Thank you for making a difference and supporting Wolsey House. You have made encouraging changes for the better for pupils and parents.



What parents said about Wolsey House in our survey:


“This school has been exceptional in supporting my child who has special needs…I can’t thank the school enough.”


“Keep up the great work!”


“I am very happy and satisfied, I am always aware what my child is being taught.”


“My child hasn’t been going to this school long but already I have seen a huge improvement in his willingness to learn. His teacher is amazing and very supportive.”


“We are so happy with the school and proud of our daughter’s progress.”


“I am happy that my child is in this school.”


“Wolsey House is a very happy place for my son and he loves every minute of being at school!”


“To just keep doing what they do best everyday with the children.”


“My son loves school and I’m very pleased thank you.”


“My child loves coming to school and he is engaged in his learning.”


“The presentation to parents whose children were starting the Robins (Foundation 1) was excellent, and much improved from a couple of years ago. It was good to see all of the teachers, and the headteacher there. All information was clear and relevant. The packs that were given out were well prepared and contained all the information that we needed. I left feeling reassured and confident that my child would be well looked after.”

This is a letter which we received when a child was supported by school staff and took part in a residential visit to Sheringham:


To all staff at Wolsey House Primary,


We just wanted to say thank you for all of your help that you have given our daughter, you all have put so much positive effort into her journey through school and made her life so much easier and happier.


You all have made her feel welcome, understood, respected, relaxed.


We really appreciate how you all have listened and supported us as well. The teacher/parent, relationship/communication has been a 100% brilliant and we wouldn't know what we would have done without this.


When we took her to her CAHMS appointment we told them that she went to a sleep over residential school trip to Sheringham. We said how proud we are of her and how brilliant all the staff that were involved were with her, how a lot of preparation, positive class talks, visuals, reassurance and support was given and how the communication was always there between us all (parents/teachers.) CAHMS are very pleased and think it was a brilliant thing how all the staff worked with her and us and showed nothing but encouragement. They also said the ideas that were put in to help minimise her stress and worry levels and to help her feel safe, happy and calm were brilliant as well.


It has been a massive and positive achievement for her and a very proud moment for us too.


We just want to say how grateful we are to you all and to her special friends for making those few days special, it will be a memory that will be talked about always and never forgotten.