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Welcome to Woodpecker Class


Mrs Russell

Class Teacher



                         Mrs Chawda                             Miss Collins

                  Teaching Assistant                      1:1 Support Worker



Please see below for information about all the fun things we are doing at school.


Autumn 1 Term


Our topic this half term is “This is Me"


Our topic will focus around the big question. The big question this term is


What makes me special?


The discussions and tasks that we will be doing his term will help us to answer the big question?

As well as being able to answer this question. We will be learning new vocabulary that it linked to the topic, these are called sticky words as they will stick in our heads.

The sticky words for this topic are,


Skeleton, human, body, unique, relations and home


We will be talking about ourselves, our homes and our families. The children will have the opportunity to be creative, drawing, painting, collaging representations of themselves and their families.


We will explore and celebrate similarities and differences about the way we look, our families and where we live. We will share books about starting school, families and homes.


We will be exploring number and shape, inside and outside of the classroom. We will be singing number songs, counting objects and exploring numbers 1 to 10.


If you have any questions about what we are learning about please come and talk to us.