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Intent - we are creating Mathematicians by...


We want to provide a curriculum that is ‘coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning and employment’. Our intention is for children’s maths books to show clear progression of skills and strategies over time and for children to be able to demonstrate and explain how to solve mathematical problems. Children will confidently be able to mentally recall multiplication and division facts and solve arithmetic problems. They will work together, share knowledge and challenge each other when solving problems and completing set activities. Our whole school target is for girls to make better progression across the school so that a higher percentage of girls are meeting the national expected standard in maths.


Implementation - this is how we teach Maths


We follow the White Rose Scheme of work, which ensures a progressive and challenging curriculum. This should not be followed too rigidly, and teachers are open to using resources from elsewhere. Teachers deliver high quality and engaging teaching, which uses the CPA approach (concrete, pictorial and abstract). Children are constantly encouraged to use concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches when demonstrating how they have solved a problem. Teachers follow the marking policy to ensure quality marking so that children understand their next steps and they also teach specific mathematical vocabulary, which is progressive throughout the whole school. This is stuck in the front of each maths book and referred to regularly. We provide a differentiated approach to learning so that all children are challenged at an appropriate level. MARK gap analysis helps us to identify gaps in mathematical learning so we can address them immediately. Embedding Times Tables Rockstars through homework and weekly competitions, as well as administering weekly times tables and arithmetic tests ensures that children are constantly practicing mentally recalling their multiplication and division facts.


Impact - this is what our children have learnt - the knowledge and skills in Maths


Children have become proficient in using mental arithmetic methods to solve a range of mathematical problems. They are showing an improved confidence and resilience when explaining and demonstrating how they solve particular problems. Children’s attitudes to collaborative problem solving is very good. The gap between boys' and girls' attainment in maths is closing. Girls are making better progress and this is mostly due to the CPA approach.

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  • Here at Wolsey House Primary School, we learn maths in all sorts of fun and interesting ways! I've listed a few below:
  • We follow the White Rose approach to mastery teaching, which ensures a progressive and challenging curriculum
  • We use concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches to teach maths in a variety of ways
  • We use Times Tables Rockstars to promote the importance of learning multiplication and division facts
  • We use Century.Tech in school and to set maths homework. Every child in Key Stage 2 has their own login details and are encouraged to log in regularly at home.
  • We set morning lessons starters using Corbett Maths 5 a day and White Rose Flashback 4 to constantly remind ourselves of what we have learnt so we never forget!


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