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Dear Parents and Carers


It is so lovely to have your wonderful children back in school. They are very special.


It has been lovely to speak to a lot of you too.


A few children are celebrating their birthdays this week and their parents have asked me if they can bring chocolates or sweets in to celebrate.


For those of you who are new to the school, you might want to know that before the COVID pandemic children could bring treats in for the children in their class on their birthdays. Some brought sweets in and others brought chocolates. I am writing to inform you that this can start again. The treats are given out at the end of the day. The children do not eat them in school.


Please note that this is optional. Children do not have to bring treats in on their birthdays nor do they have to take a sweet etc. if they don't want one.


If you allow your child to eat the treat as they leave school please ask them to put the wrappers in a bin. I have seen wrappers littered around the school in the past. There are bins in lots of places on the school grounds. 


A few parents have asked for sticky lollies on sticks e.g. Chupa Chups lollies not to be given because they fear that a child could choke if they were eating it and fell on it.  


Thank you for your consistent support as we start to "recover" from the past 18 months.


I appreciate it very much.


I am meeting the Senior Leadership Team today to do further planning for the school year. I will write to update you about further decisions and plans made.


I'll paste this letter on the letters page on the website so that you can select a language of your choice.


Take care everyone.


Warm regards


Helen King

School Uniform


Dear Parents and Carers


I hope you are all well and that your children are having a good holiday.


I am writing to inform you that I will expect all children to wear school uniform from Wednesday 25th August 2021. Other clothes will not be allowed.


This link will take you to the page on the website that will give you information about our school uniform. Please click here to take you to the school website. On the webpage you will find a link that will take you to the school uniform stockists. 


You can buy school uniform with the embroidered school logo through that link. You can find out the school colours on this website.


IMPORTANT: Please note that you don't have to purchase uniform with a logo but you can also buy school uniform without the logo from a range of other shops e.g. ASDA, TESCO, Sainsbury's.


Warm regards


Helen King

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