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Intent - this is our vision and aim


At Wolsey House Primary School it is our intent that all children become lifelong learners. As a school we believe all pupils should be taught the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage their lives, now and in the future (PSHE association). With inclusivity being a part of their philosophy we choose to follow the Jigsaw approach to teaching PSHE and RSE (Jigsaw PSHE).


Jigsaw is taught weekly, following the schemes structure. The scheme follows the same structure throughout each year group but progresses at an age appropriate level. The scheme is arranged into 6 strands covering all the aims and expectations of a PSHE and RSE curriculum:

  • Being me in my world
  • Celebrating difference
  • Dreams and goals
  • Healthy me
  • Relationships
  • Changing me


Following this structure equips our pupils with a sound understanding of risk and with the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions (DfE Guidance PSHE Education). Lessons are carried out in different ways to develop mastery of concept and inspire enthusiasm and interest in the subject.


Other aspects of PSHE such as British values and SMSC are deeply rooted in our Jigsaw lessons and our school’s core values. These are shared, celebrated and developed through weekly celebration assemblies. 


Implementation - this how we teach PSHE


Through using Jigsaw, at Wolsey House Primary School, our children build up the competence to be lifelong learners. It develops the qualities and attributes children need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society and the global community.


At the beginning of the school year, pupils are actively involved in creating their class Jigsaw charter, which is a set of rules to follow each time they take part in a Jigsaw lesson. This enables them to feel comfortable and safe to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas. Positive mental health underpins all Jigsaw lessons. Mindfulness practise in the form of ‘Calm Me’, teaches students mindfulness strategies to employ. Developing resilience is also a key component.

(Jigsaw PSHE)


Alongside this, we follow the route to resilience approach introducing ‘character muscle’ vocabulary throughout the school and teaching pupils what each word means. Teachers link a R2R muscle to each lesson they teach, discreetly developing the resilience of our children on a daily basis.  To further embed these characteristics we participate in whole school events such as, sports day and a Christmas fate. We also support several charity events, such as, anti-bullying day and children in need. This fosters a genuine sense of community and belonging in our children. Furthermore our house point system promotes team work throughout the school and a sense of social responsibility.


Impact - this is what our children will have learnt - the knowledge and skills developed in PSHE


At Wolsey House Primary School we seek to ensure that the PSHE that we teach, improves the physical and social well-being of pupils. Through our PSHE education, we believe we can enhance children’s education and help them to become lifelong learners. Providing a consistent and regular delivery of Jigsaw allows us to fulfil this.


Jigsaw PSHE contains both formative and summative assessment opportunities that support teachers to assess PSHE knowledge, and how these are applied within social and emotional skills development. This will then allow teachers to support their children as appropriate.

(Jigsaw PSHE)


As well as the above, the class PSHE journals provide a progressive snap shot into the learning experiences that are taking place throughout the school.

By the end of their primary school education we hope to have prepared pupils for the next stage in their lives, giving them the vital characteristics they need to be happy and healthy young adults.