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Basic Skills

This information is intended to give you an understanding of what is taught in each year and how you can help your child.


Most of these ideas are very simple and many of you will be doing them already. However, if you are not, these skills will be of great benefit to your child.


Please try to make all of the activities fun and enjoyable and be sure to praise and encourage your child.


Basic Skills


By teaching your child some basic skills you will be helping their literacy, numeracy and independence thus raising their self – esteem and developing their confidence.


Please teach them:


  • to dress and undress, coping with fastenings

  • to say their name, address and telephone number

  • the sounds and names of letters of the alphabet

  • counting rhymes e.g. I,2,3,4,5,once I caught a fish alive, and counting everyday objects e.g. count out 4 plates for tea

  • the days of the week in the correct order, referring to what is done on that day. Sunday being the first day of the week

  • months of the year; draw attention to family birthdays, special festivals etc

  • how to tell the time. Start with o’clock and move on to half past. Use daily routines to highlight times e.g. 12 o’clock dinner time

  • the difference between left and right. Setting the table is a good activity for this

  • tie their shoelaces