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School Council

Welcome to the Wolsey House School Council


We have fantastic children at Wolsey House Primary School, who are keen to participate fully in the life of the school. With this in mind, they are voted into various roles within our school, such as the School Council.


What is a school council?

Quite simply, a school council is a group of children who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and help to further improve the school. The Council look around for improvements that could be made and discuss how to go about making them. Everyone gets a chance to speak and when we have finished, we vote on the most effective ideas and then begin working on them. 


How is the school council chosen?

Each year we run an election campaign to vote for two new representatives from each class.

Every class in school votes for two children from their class to represent them on the School Council. 


What happens next?

The Council will regularly meet with Mrs Collins and bring forward ideas on how the children in their class think the school can be improved. These are discussed and shared with all of the children to ascertain their thoughts and opinions. Sometimes these come back to the School Council for further discussions, refinement and then implementation. Minutes of the meetings are taken and used to inform fellow classmates and staff about the ideas discussed during these meetings.

We will also be organising fundraising events, some of which are happening soon.



We aim to be accurate in the council and so we use a lot of technical words. Hopefully this will help;

Agenda - a list of things to talk about.

Councillor - someone who has been voted to work in the interests of their class mates on the school council.

Minutes - the notes taken during a meeting so that other people can see what has been discussed.

Motion - an idea for the council to discuss.