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Key Stage 1

Helping your child in Year 1 or Year 2 (Ages 5 to 7)


In these years, your child is likely to learn to:

  • count up to 20, and then on to 100 and more

  • read and write these numbers and put them in order

  • know the pairs of numbers which add up to 10, like 1 and 9, 4 and 6

  • add and subtract numbers less than 10 in their head, going on to do the same with numbers to 20

  • double and halve numbers to 20 and beyond

  • know the 2 and 10 times tables, and others up to 5x5

  • recognise and name common shapes like the square, circle, cube and cylinder

  • compare the lengths, weights, capacities of objects, and later be able to measure using meters, centimetres, kilograms and litres

  • recognise coins to £1, find simple totals and give change


    The really important things in these years are:

  • for children to do their number work with actual objects until they can do the sums in their head

  • for them to learn to work as much as possible out in their heads

  • for the children to use the facts they know to help them work out new answers. For example:

            7+7 is 14, so 7+8 must be 15

            you can work out double 13 by adding double 10 to double 3


Each of these skills comes best from lots of talking and explaining through practical examples.