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Early Maths



Talk to your child, use the language of numbers, shape, size, position, time and money as you go about your daily life.


Help them to:

  • begin to recognise number words and symbols and to understand how to use them to count

  • understand and use comparing words like “less”, “more”, “smaller”, ”heavier”

  • put things in order and use words like “first”, “second”, “before”, “next”

  • learn words of position like “left”, “right”, “top”, “below” “in front”

  • make patterns and talk about how they do it


    Meal times

    Suggested questions and tasks:

    Do we need small plates or big plates?

    Please give a knife and fork to each person.

    Have we got enough biscuits to have two each?

    Will this glass hold more drink than that one?



    At the supermarket

    Suggested questions and tasks:

    Please put three grapefruit in the basket.

    We need the biggest size of cornflakes.

    Are there more people in this queue than in that one?

    Is this tin heavier than that one?