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Partnership With Parents and Carers

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Partnership between the home and school  


Our school holds the belief that the home is as important a learning environment as the school. Children will learn more effectively if the bond between home and school is strong. Therefore you are asked to sign a home/school agreement to signify our cooperation. Pupils will be offered a range of homework which we would ask you to support and they will bring home reading books and we would ask you to listen to them read a few pages every evening.



How will I know how my child is learning and making progress?




The school values very highly its excellent relationship with parents. Parents are always welcome to discuss any matter affecting their child’s welfare or progress. Apart from our Open-Door Policy where you have the freedom to see the class teacher during the year, there are three formerly arranged Parents’ Evenings. One in each term, the last one following the written report in the Summer Term. The first is in the Autumn Term to discuss how your child has settled and the second is in the Spring Term to discuss your child’s progress prior to the Summer Term written report. We are an open school and you are welcome to call to school at any time to discuss any concerns you may have. It is sometimes best to make a phone call to ensure that the person you wish to see is available. If the school has any concerns during the year we will contact you by phone or in writing to ask you to come in to school so that we can discuss how we can all support your child together.