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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!

Your class teacher is Mrs Satchwell.


Our PE days are on Thursdays and Fridays.


Filbert Fox came to visit!

Filbert Fox came to visit! 1
Filbert Fox came to visit! 2
Filbert Fox came to visit! 3
Filbert Fox came to visit! 4

Diwali Day - Rangoli Patterns

Diwali Day - Rangoli Patterns 1
Diwali Day - Rangoli Patterns 2
Diwali Day - Rangoli Patterns 3
Diwali Day - Rangoli Patterns 4

Roman Numerals

To help you remember your Roman Numerals!

In Reciprocal Reading, we are currently reading the Atlas of Adventure! We have looked at the Amazon Rainforest to link with our geography work!


Picture 1

First 2 weeks back

In the first 2 weeks back, the whole school took part in an "Our Leicester" project. Year 4 was asked to look at Leicester sports teams and their history.

We learned about Leicester City Football club, how they started and all their own kits. We even designed and made our own 2020 kits.

We also looked into Speedway and the Leicester Lions! We investigated what material would make a good race track and talked a lot about the importance of friction.

Another amazing discovery was that Jennie Fletcher (Mr Fletcher's great aunt!) won an Olympic gold medal for swimming! We had great fun generating questions and interviewing Mr Fletcher.



Want to try out your coding skills before our lessons? Have a go at animating your name using Scratch!