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                                                   WELCOME TO THE FOXES CLASS


                                                              Our Class teachers are

                                                                     Mrs Blackmore and Mrs Russell 


                                           Our Class teaching assistants are;

                         Miss Issa, Mrs Sama, Mrs Paneri, Miss Nekiwala, Mrs Vaid and Mrs Patel



We are all looking forward to a very exciting year ahead. We have lots to learn and lots of exploring to do. 


We will have PE on a Tuesday and a Thursday.  We will be using the outdoor area so please make sure children come to school in their leggings or jogging bottoms, jumper and trainers or plimsolls please. 


Please could your child bring a book bag into school so that they can bring home, any work or letters safely.


Autumn 2 - The foxes big question - How do we celebrate?

Week one in the foxes -



Whose  birthday shall we celebrate?

Learning to use the correct sentence structure

Designing a birthday balloon

Baking a birthday cake

Keeping our fingers strong

Imaginary play

Writing in the foxes

Week 2 in the foxes


Why is it getting dark so early?

We are learning to say sentences correctly to help us write them

Learning about seasons

Making Pumpkin Soup

Making skeletons

Getting messy with a pumpkin

Reading in the foxes

Number bonds to 10

Learning to keep ourselves safe

Science - Using a Globe and torch to explain why it is getting dark so early.

Week 3


How can we remember special events?

This week we have been learning the story of Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle and we have been drawing our own story maps.

This week we are remembering the soldiers

Video volcanoes-0006.mp4

Still image for this video
At the beginning of the week we made volcanoes using mod rock. Today we mixed baking powder and vinegar together to make a chemical reaction.
The volcano exploded.

Video volcanoes-0004.mp4

Still image for this video
At the beginning of the week we made volcanoes using mod rock. Today we mixed baking powder and vinegar together to make a chemical reaction.
The volcano exploded.

Video volcanoes-0003.mp4

Still image for this video

Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle

Still image for this video
This week we have been learning the story of Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle. Adam used his story map to retell the story.

Week 4


Who were Rama and Sita?


This week we are celebrating Diwali.


We are also learning about anti - bullying and showing our support by wearing and making odd socks.


We are also acknowledging premature baby day by making purple flowers.


We are also helping to support Children in Need.

This week we have been celebrating many different things - premature baby day and Diwali

Week 5


What am I thankful for?


This week we are learning about celebrating thanksgiving.

This week we have been making cards and flowers to say thank you

Thanks giving Turkey

Week  6


What is a patron Saint?


This week the children have been learning about where we live and also the 4 countries of the united Kingdom.

In particular we have been discussing Patron Saints?

The children really enjoyed making dragons representing Saint George.

We made Shamrock flowers for Ireland.

The children discussed the landscape of Wales.

On Thursday it was St Andrew's day so we made flapjacks out of Scottish porridge oats.


The children enjoyed the story of Finn MCcall and the giant Causeway story

What is a Patron Saint?

Week 7


How do we celebrate Christmas around the world?


This week we have been looking at ways that people celebrate Christmas around the world.

In Germany, the evergreen trees are very important so we made our own Christmas tree by drawing around our hands.

We also made Christingles.

In Swedan, they make ginger bread men and share them with families. 

We made a Christmas Display and a Christingle

Week 8


Who was born in a stable?


This week we have been learning about the nativity story and creating art work.


We have also been looking at the art work by Vincent Van Gogh and the starry night.


We have used his artwork to inspire us to create a nativity scene.

Wolsey House by night

Wolsey House by night

Wolsey House by night

                                                                 Week 9


                                                                  New Year


This week we have been looking at the meaning of a New Year. The children have been talking about what they would like to achieve in the new year.


We have been baking Cookies and creating a Christmas tree cheese board.


We have been talking about the meaning of Christmas and explaining to the children that not everyone celebrates Christmas. Celebrating is also about being respectful to one another.


                            Welcome Back


                                                 Spring One


                                                Our Big question this term is


Peter Rabbit, Where are you?


This term are main focus will be Geography.


Peter Rabbit is going to be off on his holidays!!!!!!!!!


We will be exploring our local area and also learning about a hot and cold country.


We will be writing about what we have found out and also using time connectives in our writing.


It is going to be a very busy term.

Week 1


Our Little Question was


What School do we go to?


This week we had a visit from Peter Rabbit. We shown Peter Rabbit around different places on the school ground. We learnt the name of our school and we created a story map explaining where he went. 

We learnt the word noun ( which is the name of a person, place or an object)


We also learnt the word locality which means places that are near us.

Spring one Big Question

Peter Rabbit's visit around Wolsey House Primary School

Week 2


Our Little question was

Where is our school?


Using Goggle digi maps we were able to see where our school was.

We also spoke about out school uniform.


We also took a walk around the school to see how we use technology.


We have been learning to use the part whole model in maths.


Two parts added together equals the whole

Technology walk

Week 3


Our Little question was


Which Planet do we live on?


Were learnt about the Planet Earth and how it is made up of 7 continents.


We have been learning about the Hindu faith and why the River Ganges is so important to them.


We also worked as a team and designed a pair of wellington boots with a partner.

Week 4


Our little question was


Can I travel around the world?


Peter Rabbit has loved his time at Wolsey House Primary School, however he would now like to travel around the world (Earth)


The children have been making their own passports.


The children have also been writing a recount of Pater Rabbits trip around the school using time connectives.


This week the children have also been recreating a piece of artwork by Jasper Johns called

zero through to nine


Some of their pieces are being displayed in the meeting room.

Zero through to nine

Week 5


Our little question is


Where in the world is cold?


Peter Rabbit has gone to Iceland. The children have been sent some pictures below of Peter Rabbit on his travels.

The children used the photographs to create a fact file about Iceland.

The children also got to visit Iceland and watch an exploding geyser using the VRs.


The children also carried out a science experiment to demonstrate how a geyser explodes.

Peter Rabbit visited Iceland

Using the VR

Icelandic Geyser experiment

Still image for this video
Peter Rabbit has gone to Iceland and visited a Geyser. The children carried out a Science experiment to replicate what happens.

Week 6


Where is hot in the world?


This week Peter has travelled to a hot country. He has traveled to Kenya in Africa.


The children used some pictures that Peter Rabbit sent us to write a fact file about Africa.


We have also been recreating a beautiful African Sunset using Water Colours.


We have also been looking at Clarance plates and making our own.



Peter Rabbit is in Africa.

Spring 2 Big Question

Welcome back.


As you all know we have been following Peter Rabbit around the world on his adventures


Unfortunately, we have not heard from Peter Rabbit for a few weeks and we think that he may be missing!!


We have been using adjectives to make missing posters.



Somebody has sent a letter to the Foxes.


They have told us that they have seen Peter Rabbit!!!!!!!


But he has been taken by pirates!!!!


We have wrote a persuasive letter to the pirates asking them to let Peter Rabbit go.

Week 2


Our little Question is


Who is Christopher Columbus?



Our sticky words are 


History and Discovered

Today is world book day