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Ladybirds Y1

Welcome to the Ladybirds Class!


Our Class teacher is Mrs Collins. 


Our Class teaching assistant is Miss Barden.


Miss Feeza also works in our class.


 Our class dinner lady is Mrs Ward.



We will be using the Forest School Area regularly this year, so can children please have a set of wellies in school at all times. If you can make sure that they come to school each day with a warm waterproof coat please.


Our PE day is Monday and Wednesday.  We will be using the outdoor area so please make sure children come to school in their leggings/jogging bottoms and trainers or plimsolls please. 


If your child brings a book bag to school, we will give them a reading book to take home. They will need to bring their book bag and book to school every day.

The Big Question Spring 1

Happy New Year from all of us in Year 1. We are looking forward to a fantastic 2023!


We cannot wait to share with you, all the exciting learning and activities that we have planned. It is going to be a GREAT term.


Our Big Question for this half term is – Peter Rabbit, Where am I?


In Literacy this half term, we are going to continue improving our writing through the use of adjectives and connectives. We will also continue to focus on using capital letters, full stops and remembering those fingers spaces. We will be learning about writing recounts and fact files for countries from all around the world.


In Year 1, we love to read. This half term we will be developing our reading skills by using phonic knowledge to decode books accurately that have the phoneme / grapheme correspondences. We aim to become more familiar with key stories, fairy stories and traditional tales and retell them. The author that we will be learning about this half term is Oliver Jeffers.


In Oracy, we are going to focus on speaking confident in front of an audience and giving our own opinion, all while making sure that we use the correct sentence starters.


In Numeracy we are going to be learning how to add and subtract numbers all the way up to 20, using the part-whole model! We are also going to be identifying how many tens and ones make up a number. We will also be exploring shapes, learning about both 2D and 3D shapes.


In Science, we are will be exploring the weather in different countries, both hot and cold. We will also be learning about animals that you may be able to find in these different countries.


In Geography, we will start off the term by exploring our locality. We will be thinking about features in our local area and discussing what we like and dislike about the local area. We will then move further away and will start to explore and compare hot and cold countries, thinking about the weather and features we might find in these different countries. We will also learning about and identifying the equator, as well as the north and south pole.


In PSHE, we are going to be thinking about how to identify our success and achievements, as well as identifying feelings of success. We will also be exploring ways in which we can tackle challenges. We hope to continue making Jigsaw Jack proud of all our hard work in our PSHE lessons.


In Art, we are going to be studying art by Louis Wain and finding out information about the artist. We will also be looking at creating art through painting and stamping. Another aspect of art that we will be looking at is colour mixing.


In Religious Education, we will be learning about religious stories that have an impact on the way we live. We will also be thinking about how music can influences how we feel and impact our emotions. We will be thinking about situations that we are familiar with and talk about aspects that are right or wrong in these situations.


In Music, we will learning a new song and in doing so we will be learning a bit about the music genre that the song falls under. We will be thinking about the rhythm of the song and how we can move to the rhythm. We will also be learning to play a musical instrument and compose a tune.


In computing, we are going to be thinking about what technology is and what is meant by technology. We will then go on to identify different types of technology both at school and away from school. We will keep in mind the importance of online safety and continue to discuss ways that we can keep safe while online.

The Big question - Year 1 Autumn 2 2022

Fun with Autumn leaves

Learning about the Puja Tray in RE

Science Day Experiments

Some of our RE work - Diwali Cards and Stained Glass Windows

Sorting religious artefacts.

The Big Question Autumn 1 2022

In PSHE, we had to work as a team.

Maths lessons are fun!

Forest School fun!

Science Lesson Outside - We drew around our bodies and labelled the different parts of our bodies.

We went on a Big Bad Wolf hunt!

Wolsey Wolf Visited us - He was so friendly!